What We Do

Our mission is to help people discover if franchise ownership is right for them—and if so, to guide them through the entire process of finding the right match–from beginning to end!Many, many people have thought about business ownership and franchising…but the difficulty of sorting through the emotional and tactical questions often paralyzes their ability to move these thoughts and dreams forward. We can help you identify and answer the “big questions” that will lead you to a decision that leverages your skillset to achieve your income and lifestyle goals.

We will facilitate a step-by-step process that is designed to address each and every phase of a successful franchise search:

We work to understand YOU.
  • A successful match starts with a clear understanding of your values, culture, work style, and business objectives.
  • If you are looking for funding we will help you identify options and sources that work for you.
We help you understand YOUR market.
  • Studying key demographic data will help you identify business opportunities.
We find franchises that match YOU.
  • We will identify franchise options that are compatible with you and your competencies, fit your investment and income goals, and are poised for success in your area!
We help you identify the franchise information that is most important to YOUR success.
  • We study the information that franchises are required to disclose, not just the information they want to disclose!
  • We provide free access to franchise experts, including legal and accounting resources.
We partner with you for all franchise due diligence discussions.
  • We will help you prepare and participate in a series of discussions with the franchise to help determine if this is the best fit.
We help you contact and learn from current franchise owners.
  • Talking with current owners will help you validate the information you get from the franchise.
We make sure you have everything you need to make a decision!
  • Most franchises will ask you to visit their corporate headquarters before making a final decision about awarding you a franchise; we will help you prepare and come along if needed.

To us, this is all about our relationship with you.

At first glance, buying a franchise might seem like a transaction. We know it’s a life-changing decision for you, and we want it to be the right one–FOR YOU. Even if the path of discovery takes you to a different destination, we will both enjoy the journey knowing that we found something that will meet your income and lifestyle objectives.

Let’s get started now